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The nation bids farewell for George H.W. BushThe nation’s capital bids its final farewell to the late president, George H.W. Bush, in a service of prayer and praise that is drawing together world envoys, Americans of high office and a guy from Maine who used to fix things in Bush’s house on the water.

The ceremony Wednesday at Washington National Cathedral, the nexus of state funerals, will cap three days of remembrance by dignitaries and ordinary citizens as they honored the Republican president who oversaw the post-Cold War transition and led a successful Gulf War, only to lose re-election in a generational shift to Democrat Bill Clinton in 1992.

The four living ex-presidents are coming — among them, George W. Bush will eulogize his father — and President Donald Trump will attend but is not scheduled to speak. Also attending: one king (Jordan), one queen (Jordan), two princes (Britain, Bahrain), Germany’s chancellor and Poland’s president, among representatives of more than a dozen countries.

Trump ordered the federal government closed Wednesday for a national day of mourning. Flags on public buildings are flying at half-staff for 30 days.

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Timing of Israeli operation against Hezbollah raises questions

Israel on Tuesday began to destroy Hezbollah tunnels dug under its northern border, an operation launched with much fanfare at a time when the country’s embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a corruption investigation and criticism for being soft on security. 

“Anyone who tries to harm the State of Israel will pay a heavy price,” Netanyahu said in a statement. He said that he had briefed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the situation during a meeting in Brussels on Monday night explaining that the tunnels are a “flagrant violation” of Israeli sovereignty and U.N. resolution 1701. 

In Israel, the publicity and timing of the operation drew questions. On Sunday, Israeli police recommended indicting Netanyahu on charges of corruption and bribery in one of three criminal investigations into his conduct.  Netanyahu also faced wide criticism, including from within his coalition, after agreeing to a cease-fire with Hamas after the militant group fired more than 450 rockets and mortars into Israeli territory, following a botched Israeli raid into Gaza. [WASHPOST]

U.S. gives Russia 60 days to comply with nuclear treatyThe United States delivered Russia a 60-day ultimatum on Tuesday to come clean about what Washington says is a violation of a arms control treaty that keeps missiles out of Europe, saying only Moscow could save the pact.

NATO allies led by Germany pressed U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a meeting in Brussels to give diplomacy a final push before Washington pulls out of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, fearing a new arms race in Europe. “Russia has a last chance to show in a verifiable way that they comply with the treaty … but we also have to start to prepare for the fact that this treaty may break down,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters.

NATO foreign ministers agreed to formally declare Russia in “material breach” of the INF treaty in a statement in support of the United States, after Pompeo briefed them at the alliance headquarters in Brussels on Russian violations and on U.S. President Donald Trump’s stated aim to withdraw from it. [REUTERS]

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British MPs deal PM May stinging rebuke on Brexit

Britain’s government suffered a stinging rebuke from MPs ahead of Tuesday’s momentous Brexit debate, exposing Prime Minister Theresa May’s lack of support in parliament.

The House of Commons voted 311-293 to censure the government for failing to publish its full legal advice about the divorce deal May struck last month with the European Union.

The outcome forced May’s team to promise to release the full tome ahead of next Tuesday’s vote on the contentious Brexit agreement.

The rebuke underscores the struggles May faces as she tries to keep Britain from crashing out of the world’s largest single market in March without any firm trade arrangements. The government suffered another blow just one hour later when parliament also voted in favour of an amendment that will give greater decision-making powers to MPs if, as expected, May’s deal is voted down next week. [AFP]

Honduras mother waits for migrant son missing en route to USHaydee Posadas had waited eight years for her son to come home. On the last night of her long vigil, she was too agitated to sleep.

Her son had fled Honduras for the U.S. in 2010 in part because of gang threats, just as thousands are doing today in the migrant caravans headed north, including men from the same neighborhood. But en route in Mexico, again like so many others, Wilmer Gerardo Nunez disappeared into the vortex of drug violence that he was trying to escape in the first place. Left in limbo, his anguished mother prayed for an answer.

“I am between a rock and a hard place,” she begged God through the years. “I know nothing about my son, whether he’s dead or alive.” [AP]

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Senators accuse Saudi crown prince of complicity in Khashoggi murder

Senators emerged from a closed-door briefing with the CIA director on Tuesday and accused the Saudi crown prince of complicity in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In some of their strongest statements to date, lawmakers said evidence presented by the U.S. spy agency overwhelmingly pointed to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s involvement in the assassination.

“There’s not a smoking gun, there’s a smoking saw,” said Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), referring to the bone saw that investigators believe was used to dismember Khashoggi after he was killed by a team of Saudi agents inside the country’s consulate in Istanbul in October.

Graham made clear that the crown prince’s involvement in the killing had caused a breach in the U.S.-Saudi relationship, and said the United States should come down on the government in Riyadh like “a ton of bricks.” He said he could no longer support arms sales to the Saudis as long as Mohammed was in charge. “Saudi Arabia’s a strategic ally and the relationship is worth saving — but not at all costs,” Graham said.

The accusations by Graham and other lawmakers were all the more striking because they followed a briefing from CIA Director Gina Haspel, who had come to lay out the agency’s classified assessment, based on multiple sources of intelligence, that Mohammed likely ordered the killing of Khashoggi, who was a Washington Post contributing columnist. [WASHPOST]

U.S. charges four in ‘Panama Papers’ tax evasion schemeU.S. prosecutors announced Tuesday that they have charged four people with taking part in a decades-long scheme to evade U.S. taxes that came to light after a massive leak of offshore financial data known as the “Panama Papers.”

Three of the four people have already been arrested, prosecutors said, in the first criminal case brought by U.S. authorities in connection with Mossack Fonseca & Co, the Panamanian law firm at the center of the leak.

Harald Joachim von der Goltz, a client of the firm, was arrested in London on Monday; Dirk Brauer, an employee of an asset management company closely tied to the firm, was arrested in Paris on Nov. 15; and Richard Gaffey, a U.S.-based accountant, was arrested in Massachusetts on Tuesday, according to prosecutors. The fourth defendant, Ramses Owens, was a lawyer at Mossack Fonseca and remains at large, prosecutors said. The law firm shut down earlier this year.

Bill Lovett, a lawyer for Gaffey, could not immediately be reached for comment. Lawyers for the other three defendants could not immediately be identified. The most serious charges in the case, which include wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy, carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. [REUTERS]


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Secret Service testing use of facial recognition outside White HouseA facial recognition program is being tested by the U.S. Secret Service in the vicinity of the White House. The agency started the program late last month, and its existence was publicized by the ACLU on Tuesday.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has said that the facial recognition software will only be used to identify volunteer Secret Service members in public spaces, but there is no way to separate the images of volunteers and pedestrians walking in front of the White House.

In a document outlining the program, DHS suggests people who do not wanted to be captured on camera “may choose to avoid the area.” The images from the facial recognition software will be used to match with “people of interest,” which at this point is volunteers in the program, according to DHS.

Existing White House security cameras are being used for the program. The recorded images will be limited to the White House security system and will be deleted at the end of the program in August 2019. [THEHILL]


Town Denies Jewish Group’s Request to Display Menorah 

New Hampshire officials are under fire for denying a 10-foot-tall (3-meter) menorah to be displayed next to a tree decorated annually at a local park.

Town Administrator Todd Selig said the local Chabad Jewish organization asked for the menorah to be put next to the tree, but town officials said no, citing vandalism concerns. Selig said the area town officials were not “comfortable” leaving the menorah on display for the eight nights of Hanukkah.

The Durham Human Rights Commission is now deciding the next steps to take. Selig said the commission’s perspective was that it should really be all or none.

“The fact that the city allows for some to publicly express their culture is a good thing, and we hope that continues,” Rabbi Berel Slavaticki of the University of New Hampshire and Seacoast Chabad Jewish Center said in a statement. “To stop people from openly expressing their particular faith seems un-American and would be a terrible loss for our town and our country.” [NYT]

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De Blasio On Botched Firing Of OEM’s Joe Esposito: ‘Obviously Something Went Wrong’

Mayor Bill de Blasio was forced to explain his miscommunicated decision to replace Emergency Management Commissioner Joe Esposito, one of the most respected members of his administration.

Some had surmised the city’s response to last month’s pre-winter snow storm was behind the attempted ouster, but on Tuesday the mayor pushed back against assumptions he was using Esposito as a scapegoat for the citywide failures on Nov. 15. “That is a falsehood… This is inaccurate… I don’t blame you for making an assumption,” de Blasio told reporters. “This was made weeks earlier at my direction. We decided we need new leadership,” the mayor claimed.

The latest developments capped a comedy of errors that left “Espo” in limbo for three days with questions about who was running the city’s emergency response agency. It all began Friday, when the mayor asked Deputy Mayor Laura Anglin to fire Esposito while he conveniently was out of town hobnobbing with Bernie Sanders at a national summit of progressives. Esposito, sources said, refused to quit. He claimed only the mayor could let him go, so he reported to work on Monday. That afternoon, he met with de Blasio at Gracie Mansion.

The kerfuffle has left many on the city council outraged and demanding the mayor’s decision be reversed. [CBSNY]

Hate crimes office needed to ‘make city safer,’ council advocates sayAfter a week of shocking events that included the spray-painting of swastikas inside a Columbia University professor’s office, the assault of a 33-year-old man leaving a Brooklyn synagogue, and the destruction of statues outside a church, elected officials reiterated the need for a new mayoral office dedicated to hate crimes.

“Rhetoric is not enough; we need action and legislation and government,” said City Councilman Mark Levine, who sponsored the bill that creates an Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes, during a Tuesday news conference on the steps of City Hall. “[We are] calling for those concrete steps to protect our people, to make this city safer for all.”

The office would focus on working with agencies on prevention, awareness, investigation and prosecution, as well as the impact of hate crimes on communities, according to the bill. It also would create and implement a “coordinated system for the city’s response to hate crimes.”

Levine stood with several lawmakers, including co-sponsor Councilman Donovan Richards and Councilman Chaim Deutsch, who both pointed out that educating young people is an important part of battling hate crimes. “We have to make sure the police department isn’t the only agency dealing with this,” Richards said. [AMNY]


NYPD rolling out fleet of crime-fighting dronesThe NYPD is adding a fleet of crime-fighting drones to its ranks, The Post has learned.

The department will roll out 14 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones as part of it’s latest technology “evolution” at an official announcement Tuesday morning at Fort Totten in Queens.

“As the largest municipal police department in the United States, the NYPD must always be willing to leverage the benefits of new and always-improving technology,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said in a statement. “Our new Unmanned Aircraft System program is part of this evolution — it enables our highly trained cops to be even more responsive to the people we serve, and to carry out the NYPD’s critical work in ways that are more effective, efficient, and safe for everyone.”

A department spokeswoman insisted the drones will not be used for everyday police patrol, unlawful surveillance or to enforce traffic laws. The machines will not be used as weapons, nor will they be equipped with any, she said. [NYP]

Cuomo inauguration scheduled for Ellis Island

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo will begin the new year with an inaugural address on Ellis Island.

“In these stormy times, Ellis Island is an enduring symbol of who we are as a nation,” Cuomo said in a statement. “This historic gateway to America reminds us of the core values that built our state and our country, and it will serve as a fitting location to launch a new term fighting for New Yorkers and for the soul of this nation,” he said.

Cuomo has pledged to serve the entirety of this third term, which would preclude him from running for the White House in 2020. But he has clashed with President Donald J. Trump over immigration issues and Trump’s call for a wall along the border with Mexico. [TIMESUNION]

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What’s driving the toned-down Trump?Don’t call it a pivot. Not yet. Maybe it’s just a blip. But, for the moment, even some of President Donald Trump’s toughest critics are taking note of a shift in his behavior — from reliably disruptive to seemingly disciplined.

That’s been especially evident since he departed Washington for the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires last week, where he gave a public cold shoulder to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, signed a trade deal with Mexico and Canada, canceled a press conference so as not to distract from the mourning of President George H.W. Bush and pulled back from his trade war with China.

On the flight home, he said he would agree to a two-week stopgap bill to avoid a government shutdown after months of threatening a showdown over Congress’ refusal to provide full funding for his promised border wall. And he has exhibited all the grace in handling Bush’s state funeral that he failed to show when Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., died just a few months ago.

“He’s pitching a great game right now,” said Sean Spicer, Trump’s former White House communications director. “The last six, seven, eight days have been the best string of days in his administration.” [NBCNEWS]

Trump rides in motorcade of 8 vehicles to meet ex-President Bush across streetPresident Trump traversed a wide political chasm Tuesday evening when he personally welcomed George W. Bush, his occasional foil, to Blair House, the presidential guest quarters across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House.

But the actual distance was just 250 yards, a route that Trump and his wife, Melania, traveled in the presidential parade limousine with a motorcade of at least seven other vehicles.

The Trumps spent 23 minutes visiting with Bush and his wife, Laura, by all accounts a cordial meeting in which the former president exchanged kisses on the cheek with the current first lady at the curb.

It was the latest in a series of magnanimous gestures that President Trump has made this week to honor the legacy of former president George H.W. Bush, whose state funeral will take place Wednesday at National Cathedral. The need for the motorcade, however, prompted questions and a healthy dose of speculation about why the Trumps were unable – or unwilling – to simply walk across the street, which had been cleared of pedestrians. [WASHPOST]

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office recommends little to no jail time for Michael Flynn in exchange for assistanceFormer national security adviser Michael Flynn provided “substantial assistance” in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference, according to court papers filed Tuesday.

Prosecutors described Flynn’s cooperation with federal prosecutors in a sentencing memo filed by Mueller that offered few new details of the Russia probe. Noting that Flynn met with Mueller’s team 19 times, the memo says a sentence that includes no prison time is “appropriate and warranted.”

Flynn’s cooperation extends to a “criminal investigation” that is separate from Mueller’s probe, according to the court documents. But the federal prosecutors released no details on that investigation, redacting nearly the entire section devoted to it.

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s outside attorney, told NBC News Tuesday night that he’s not concerned that Flynn shared anything with the special counsel that could implicate Trump.

“If he had information to share with Mueller that hurt the president, you would know it by now,” Giuliani said. “There’s a Yiddish word that fits,” Giuliani said, in a brief phone interview. “They don’t have bupkis.” Giuliani insisted that “maybe this will convince all of America there was no collusion.” [NBCNEWS]

Biden: ‘I’m the most qualified person in the country to be president’Former Vice President Joe Biden is fueling more 2020 speculation, claiming that he is “the most qualified person in the country to be president” and teasing that an announcement about his candidacy could come within six weeks.

Biden has been flirting with another presidential run after deciding not to seek the highest office in 2016, a decision he has said he regrets every day. But his remarks Monday evening at the University of Montana in Missoula, where he was promoting his book “Promise Me, Dad,” suggested the wheels of a White House bid may already be in motion.

“I’ll be as straight with you as I can. I think I’m the most qualified person in the country to be president,” Biden said, according to CNN. “I’ve been doing this my whole adult life, and the issues that are the most consequential relating to the plight of the middle class and our foreign policy are things that I have — even my critics would acknowledge, I may not be right, but I know a great deal about it.” [POLITICO]

Michael Avenatti Will Not Run for President in 2020Michael Avenatti said Tuesday that he will not run for President in 2020.

In a statement, Avenatti said that his decision came after consulting with his family, who had requested that he not seek the Democratic nomination, as he had indicated he might. “I do not make this decision lightly – I make it out of respect for my family,” he said. “But for their concerns, I would run.”

Avenatti had made his intentions clear in the past few months, appearing at dozens of Democratic events across the country and consulting with strategists. While his chances of securing the nomination always seemed to be a long shot, his pitch that the Democrats needed their own version of Trump undoubtedly seemed to appeal to some voters. [TIME]

Nazi sword gifted by Himmler to Jerusalem mufti auctioned online

A rare sword, which was given as a present by SS commander Heinrich Himmler to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Muhammad Amin al-Husseini during his visit to Nazi Germany in March 1943, is being auctioned online for the opening price of € 35,000, which is the equivalent of some NIS 148,000. 

The sword was offered for sale on a British website—The Saleroom— by the German auction house Hermann Historica, which specializes in selling historical items. The auction will end on November 23rd.
The sword is 95-centimeter long and is made of “Damascus” steel. On one side of the blade appears the inscription “To the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Muhammad Amin al-Husseini, with loyal friendship, the Reichsführer,” with two swastikas and the emblem of the SS—a pair of parallel vertical lightning bolts—engraved at the beginning and at the end of the sentence. 
On the other side of the blade the SS’s motto “My honor is my loyalty” is imprinted.
The hilt of the sword is made of Nickel and wood, with numerous Nazi symbols carved on it. [YNET]

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Ford CEO Discounts Job-Cut Report, Promises More News This Week

Ford Motor Co.’s chief executive officer downplayed a report that the automaker may cut 25,000 jobs and said he’ll have more news to share later this week.

CEO Jim Hackett told reporters Tuesday that Ford didn’t provide numbers to Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas, who estimated the significant employee reduction in a report a day earlier. Ford said in July it would spend three to five years on an $11 billion restructuring.

Ford will make an interim announcement about plans for its workforce later this week, Hackett told reporters in Michigan. General Motors Co.announced last week it will cut more than 14,000 employees and close seven factories worldwide by the end of next year. [BLOOMBERG]

Postal Service Review Proposes Sweeping Changes Likely to Hit AmazonA Treasury-led task force is proposing that the U.S. Postal Service charge more for certain package deliveries, going after Inc. and other online retailers that President Trump has said benefit at the post office’s expense.

The Postal Service hasn’t priced package deliveries with profitability in mind, according to the task force’s report released Tuesday. It said the agency should be able to charge market-based prices for mail and package items that aren’t deemed essential services. The report, requested by Mr. Trump in April, recommended raising prices for many types of commercial package deliveries, a growing business for the Postal Service.

Mr. Trump has often claimed on Twitter that the Postal Service has given a sweetheart arrangement to Amazon, which he blames for unfairly hurting bricks-and-mortar retailing. Mr. Trump also has clashed with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos over coverage of his administration in the Washington Post, which is owned by Mr. Bezos.

“Only fools, or worse, are saying that our money losing Post Office makes money with Amazon,” Mr. Trump tweeted in April before signing the executive order calling for the report. [WSJ]

Trump, Looking Beyond GM, Seeks to End All Electric Car Tax Credits, Kudlow Says

President Trump’s top economic adviser said the administration is looking to eliminate subsidies on electric cars, a move that could hamper the auto industry’s push to broaden the market for battery-powered vehicles.

“As a matter of our policy, we want to end all those subsidies,” Lawrence Kudlow said on Monday. “And by the way, other subsidies imposed during the Obama administration—renewables, etc. We are a free market.”

Last week, Mr. Trump said he is considering pulling all subsidies for General Motors Co., including for electric cars, although he didn’t specify what subsidies GM was receiving. The president’s threat followed the auto maker’s decision to lay off nearly 15,000 salaried and factory workers, including at plants in Ohio and Michigan.

On Monday, Mr. Kudlow said the president was referring to an Obama-era stimulus package that created a $7,500 consumer tax credit for the purchase of electric cars. He said the president’s considerations about revoking subsidies may not be directed specifically at GM, noting, “legally, you really can’t.”

It is unclear whether the president has the authority to take this type of action because the stimulus package was created by legislation. [WSJ]

United launches new ‘premium economy’ class between coach and business for some of its longest flightsUnited started selling seats in so-called premium economy class on Monday. Travelers willing to pay more than the regular coach-class fare will get bigger seats with deeper reclines than those in regular economy, amenity kits, free alcoholic beverages and noise-reducing headphones, among other perks.

Other airlines around the world — including United’s closest competitors at home, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines — already offer a version of premium economy and are in the process of expanding it to more aircraft. It is part of airlines’ efforts to slice their cabins into new sections to encourage passengers to pay higher fares to avoid the skimpiest services.

The price of a ticket aboard United’s version varies depending on the route and demand, but an April 12-19, 2019, trip from Newark to Hong Kong showed up as $1,071, while a seat in premium economy was close to $3,660. Business class for the same route was $7,050.

United said the premium economy class, which it is calling “Premium Plus,” will be on 21 international routes by May and service will begin on some international flights starting on March 30, 2019. [CNBC]

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