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Senate set to again admonish Trump over Yemen

The Senate will vote Wednesday on a resolution to withdraw U.S. support for the bloody Saudi-led war in Yemen that will be a direct rebuke of President Donald Trump.

The resolution, led by Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), cites Congress’ authority under the War Powers Resolution to scale back the U.S. role in Yemen. Sanders said in a statement the vote will be held Wednesday but the GOP Senate leadership hasn’t scheduled the vote yet.

The White House warned last year that Trump would veto the resolution, saying that it “would harm bilateral relationships in the region and negatively impact the ability of the United States to prevent the spread of violent extremist organizations.”

The Senate passed the same resolution 56-41 in December, after it gained steam in the aftermath of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. It was the first time the Senate voted to withdraw forces from a war that was not approved by Congress.

Hundreds surrender as Islamic State nears defeat in last enclave

Islamic State faced imminent defeat in its final enclave on Tuesday as hundreds of jihadist fighters and their families surrendered and the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces said the battle was as good as over.

A Reuters journalist in Baghouz saw hundreds of people surrendering to the SDF, which launched its final attack to capture Baghouz on Sunday, backed by U.S.-led international coalition air strikes after weeks of siege. The enclave is the last shred of territory held by the jihadists who have been driven from roughly one third of Iraq and Syria over the past four years.

The ferocious assault continued late on Tuesday. Live footage broadcast by the Kurdish Ronahi TV showed a series of large explosions lighting up the night sky over Baghouz, apparently from an ammunitions dump blowing up. Smoke billowed past burning buildings, lit orange by flares and raging fires, as tracer fire poured into the enclave amid the sound of constant shooting and blasts.

SDF official Mustafa Bali said on Twitter on Tuesday that the number of Islamic State members who had surrendered has risen to 3,000. [REUTERS]

Ultra-Orthodox MK says he’d weigh law shielding Netanyahu from graft chargesA prominent ultra-Orthodox MK on Tuesday expressed potential support for a law that would shield Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from imminent corruption charges should he win the April 9 Knesset elections.

“We will go to elections and see the results. If it turns out the public trusts Netanyahu, knowing what is happening with him, we should consider a move that will prevent him being put on trial,” Moshe Gafni, head of the Lithuanian Degel Hatorah faction within the United Torah Judaism party, told Israel Radio.

Facing a possible indictment in three corruption cases, including one charge of bribery, Netanyahu has been rumored to be planning to condition entry to the post-election coalition he hopes to form on support for the so-called “French law,” which would shelter him from prosecution as long as he remains in office. Preempting the need for any such move, MK Bezalel Smotrich, number two in the new Union of Right Wing Parties and chair of the hard-line National Union faction within it, last week filed a bill that would give lawmakers increased powers to block charges against sitting Knesset members, including the prime minister. Netanyahu’s allies have proposed several pieces of legislation designed to grant him immunity and prevent media reports about them. [TOI]

Guaido vows to oust Maduro from office as thousands of Venezuelans protestVenezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido vowed Tuesday to take Nicolas Maduro’s place in the presidential palace “very soon,” as thousands of people took to the streets of Caracas to protest. “We need an office to work in, so very soon, and when we have the armed forces totally on our side, we’ll go to find my office there in Miraflores. Very soon,” Guaido told supporters, who chanted back: “Yes, you can!”

Demonstrators banged pots and sounded car horns at the protest in a square in the east of the capital. Many waved large banners calling on Maduro to go. “The situation is very difficult, we are hoping that this government will change. We’ve had enough of this chaos!” said one of the demonstrators, Miguel Gonzalez.

“With courage and strength I asked you to believe in yourselves, that Venezuela would emerge from the darkness, that the end of the usurpation is very close,” said Guaido, who is recognized as interim president by more than 50 countries. Venezuela’s state prosecutor, Tarek William Saab, meanwhile told reporters he would place Guaido under investigation for “his alleged involvement in the sabotage of the Venezuelan electricity system.” [AFP]

Theresa May’s Brexit deal rejected overwhelmingly by UK lawmakersFor the second time in as many months, British lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s divorce deal with the European Union.

Tuesday’s defeat comes only 17 days before the United Kingdom is due to leave the 28-country bloc. It also casts doubt on whether Britain’s departure will occur as scheduled — or even at all. Lawmakers rejected her deal 391 to 242, which was similar to the previous vote.

Earlier Tuesday, she laid out the potential consequences of defeat. “If this vote is not passed tonight, if this deal is not passed, then Brexit could be lost,” a hoarse May said in Parliament.

They are now set to decide in the next few days whether to leave the E.U. without an agreement — an idea likely to be rejected due to its potentially devastating economic impact — or to ask the E.U. to delay Brexit beyond the scheduled March 29 departure date. [NBCNEWS]

U.S. Moves to Close Overseas Immigration Offices

The Trump administration is moving to close its 23 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offices overseas, directing people seeking immigration services to offices in the U.S. or State Department outposts instead.

USCIS said shuttering the offices is intended to save millions of dollars, which will be used to help clear up the backlog of domestic applications for legal-immigration programs. The international offices provide services to people—including U.S. citizens living overseas who want to bring a spouse or dependent as an immigrant to the U.S.; spouses of deceased U.S. citizens; and some lawful permanent residents as well as deportees seeking re-entry to the U.S.

A USCIS spokeswoman said Tuesday that the agency was only in preliminary discussions about the move. “The goal of any such shift would be to maximize USCIS resources that could then be reallocated, in part, to backlog reduction efforts,” said USCIS spokeswoman Jessica Collins. [WSJ]

Man wins $60 in lottery, buys two more tickets, wins $1 million more

You have to spend money to make money — and a little luck doesn’t hurt.

Building material salesman Richard Maynard’s day was off to a good start when he won $60 after buying a lottery ticket at a Quality Mart Monday in Cary, N.C. He then took $2 from those winnings, bought a pair of Colossal Cash Tickets, and won a million bucks, according to WRAL in North Carolina.

Maynard plans to split the rest of his days between land and sea. “I never get a new truck,” he said in a statement. “I always bought a used one. This might be the time I get a new one, though.”

The lump-sum payout awarded Maynard was $600,000. He took home $424,500 after taxes. He turned down an option to receive 20 installments of $50,000, according to [NYDN]

‘What next? Biblical plagues?’ Blizzard killed 1,850 cows, and Yakima Valley farmers are reelingThe unexpected blizzard that swept through the Yakima Valley on Feb. 9 was just one more clobbering for the region’s dairy farms.

Yakima Valley dairy farmers were unprepared for what befell them on Feb. 9. A storm with wind gusts of 50 to 60 mph and temperatures in the low to mid-teens sent wind chills plummeting near zero degrees, leaving 1,850 dairy cattle dead in the span of a few hours. Though dairy farmers can apply for reimbursement of 75 percent of the livestock’s market value for weather-related deaths through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency, the loss hit Yakima Valley farmers hard.

“What next? Biblical plagues? A violent tornado?” says Stu Turner, a West Richland-based agronomist and consultant to the dairy industry. “They’ve faced almost everything that you can think of that’s negative.”

Jason Sheehan, who lost 200 cows at his J & K Dairy, says most of the dairy farmers who lost cows don’t want to be part of media coverage. Not far away from his farm is a dairy that lost 600 cows, he says, but that farmer didn’t want publicity. [SEATTLETIMES]
Former Trump adviser Flynn asks judge to delay sentencing

Lawyers for President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn asked a judge on Tuesday to delay his sentencing in a case that stemmed from an investigation of possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election campaign.

The lawyers asked Judge Emmet Sullivan for a delay of 90 days while Flynn may need to provide more cooperation in the Russia probe being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The request was made in a joint filing with Mueller, who said he took no position on Flynn’s request for a delay. [REUTERS]

Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein Secures Funding for Hate Crimes Grants Program to Include Summer CampsThe Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes Grant Program was introduced by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and received its first funding allotment of $25 million in 2017. Its purpose is to boost safety and security at New York’s nonpublic schools, day care centers, and cultural museums at heightened risk of hate crime attacks. The program is designed to ensure the safety of all New Yorkers by allowing eligible institutions to apply for grants which fund safety and security upgrades.

Now, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein is requesting that the Governor consider expanding the program to include summer sleep-away camps as eligible institutions that would benefit from this program as well. “Every summer thousands of children attend summer camps in upstate New York and elsewhere with woefully inadequate security and protection in many of these locations” said Eichenstein. “ Through this program, camps can properly update the security of their premises to include surveillance cameras, perimeter lighting, alarm systems, fencing and barriers, security doors, and other safety measures.”

As part of the Governor’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2020, an additional $25 million in funding will be allocated for this program. “We appreciate the Governor’s efforts in considering the safety and security of our families, especially in these difficult times,” Eichenstein said. “Now let’s take it to the next level and protect our children all year long.”

So far, twenty five fellow Assembly members have signed on to Eichenstein’s proposal. [YWN]

De Blasio running New York’s toiletsMayor Bill de Blasio has taken the concept of a Nanny State to a whole new level– instructing New Yorkers about what they can and cannot flush down their toilets.

“New York City: There are only FOUR things that should go in your toilet,” the mayor’s office tweeted from its official account Tuesday. “Everything else causes FATBERGS!” the tweet warns. “What are Fatbergs? Well, you gotta click on,” it reads.

The link leads to a public service video about clumps of cooking grease, wet wipes and “lots of other stuff” including tampons and Q-tips that clog up city sewers when they’re flushed down toilets. A mayoral spokesman called fatbergs a “growing problem” that costs New Yorkers $19 million annually. [NYP]

Attorney General Seeks Bill Allowing State to Prosecute Trump Aides Who Get Pardon

New York Attorney General Letitia James has proposed a bill to close a “double-jeopardy loophole” for associates of the president that would allow her office to file state charges against them even if they receive a federal pardon.

Ms. James, a Democrat, met with lawmakers Tuesday to discuss the legislation ahead of its formal introduction. It would allow prosecutors to bring state criminal charges against people who have received a presidential pardon for a similar federal offense.

The Constitution’s prohibition of double jeopardy prevents a person from being charged with the same crime twice. Ms. James said she was upholding the principle of dual sovereignty. The president can issue pardons for federal offenses, but not state crimes. “It’s important that each state have the ability to prosecute and to defend their state statute,” Ms. James told reporters. “So, we are here to close that loophole.”

Ms. James’s office explained her bill would only apply to people who had worked for the president, his family, or someone who was involved in a potential conspiracy involving the president. She said it wasn’t aimed at any particular person. The legislation wouldn’t apply to anyone who had already pleaded guilty to a federal action or whose trial had begun. [WSJ]

NJ lawmakers announce deal that could legalize recreational weed It’s high time recreational weed becomes legal in the Garden State, and on Tuesday, New Jersey lawmakers announced a deal that could do just that.

The bill — which would hit those who partake with a $42-per-ounce tax — could pass as early as March 25, Gov. Phil Murphy and other legislative leaders said.

Under the never-before-revealed plan, cities with cannabis retailers could collect a 3 percent tax and those with cultivators — growers and farmers — will collect a 2 percent tax. Cities with wholesalers would earn a 1 percent tax. The bill, which legalizes pot for people over the age of 21, also calls for a five-member regulatory commission to oversee the growing industry.

The joint announcement, from Murphy, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and Senate President Steve Sweeney, comes after a year of closed-door negotiations. [NYP]

Mueller Report Has Washington Spinning (and It’s Not Even Filed)Television crews have been positioned outside the offices of the special counsel, the federal courthouse and, at least before they were asked to leave, the McLean, Va., home of the new attorney general, William P. Barr.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are so desperate for hints that they are asking aides to call Justice Department contacts to beg for morsels. Publishing houses are scrambling to produce instant books of the findings. Newspapers are deploying small armies of reporters. At bars, restaurants, cocktail parties and street corners, people are asking one another the same question. When is it coming out?

Washington — jittery, full of rumor, like a becalmed ship in the dead air before a coming storm — is waiting for the report of the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, into Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether President Trump or his aides conspired in the effort or obstructed justice. It may or may not be the report of the century, it may or may not be ready soon, and it may be only a few pages long. But it is unquestionably one of the capital’s most anticipated documents since the Starr Report on President Bill Clinton arrived by the truckload on Capitol Hill in September 1998.

Inside the White House, preparation has not been much more extensive. There is no war room preparing to deal with Mr. Mueller’s findings and no intention to set one up, as Mr. Clinton did when he faced impeachment and possible removal from office. There are no calls with surrogates to line up a messaging plan. The president’s advisers are simply flying blind. [NYT]

Speaker Pelosi Revokes Vice President Pence’s House Office SpaceHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has reclaimed office space her predecessor, Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., awarded to Vice President Pence. Republicans gave Pence, a former House member, a first-floor bonus office in the U.S. Capitol shortly after President Trump was inaugurated in 2017.

The vice president rarely used the space, but it was a symbolic gesture of the warm relationship Pence enjoyed with Ryan and the House GOP. The vice president serves as the president of the U.S. Senate and historically has been provided an office on the Senate side of the Capitol, which is where Pence more regularly holds court when he visits Congress.

A placard above the door identifying it as Pence’s House office was quietly removed in recent weeks. A House Democratic aide confirmed to NPR that the space will be reassigned. “Room assignments are reviewed and changed at the beginning of every Congress,” the aide said. While Pelosi revoked Pence’s office privileges, the aide said she is providing new office space for the White House legislative affairs team that it did not previously enjoy under the GOP majority. [NPR]

Pence floats offer to kill Trump emergency disapproval resolutionVice President Mike Pence is floating an offer to Republican senators that could lead to the defeat of a Democratic resolution overturning President Trump’s emergency declaration to build a wall on the Mexican border, according to GOP sources briefed on the matter.  Under the deal offered by Pence, Trump would sign legislation reining in his power to declare future national emergencies if they defeat the resolution of disapproval.

Killing the resolution on the Republican-controlled Senate floor would spare the president a major embarrassment and avoid him having to issue the first veto of his presidency. But there is some skepticism among GOP senators whether Trump will actually go through with it. And the plan is hurt by the fact that a bill to curb the president’s power to declare national emergencies won’t come to the Senate floor until after the March recess. 

Pence met Tuesday with a group of Republicans, including Sen. Mike Lee(R-Utah), the sponsor of legislation to curb the president’s national emergency declaration power, as well as Sens. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.). Lee’s measure would require Congress to vote to extend a national emergency declaration after a period of 30 days. It is still undergoing some revisions, according to GOP senators.  [THEHILL]

Rahm Emanuel warns Democrats in 2020 not to play to ‘socialist’ typeChicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is warning Democrats that if they pursue a far-left agenda, the result could be President Donald Trump’s re-election. 

In an op-ed for The Atlantic on Sunday, Emanuel said that despite Trump’s apparent vulnerability in the polls, “Democrats can’t bank on voters being more dismayed by him than they are enamored of us.” 

He said Trump has made it clear that his 2020 campaign will be centered on painting Democrats as socialists in order to scare “swing voters out of the Democratic fold.” “If Trump’s only hope for winning a second term turns on his ability to paint us as socialists, we shouldn’t play to type,” he warned Democrats. [USATODAY]

Joe Biden has teased a presidential bid 8 times in 5 monthsJoe Biden’s probably going to run for president. Emphasis on probably because things can always change and you never TRULY know if someone is running until they definitively say so.

Biden teased that probable presidential run this morning.  “I appreciate the energy you showed when I got up here. Save it a little longer, I may need it in a few weeks,” Biden said to applause at the International Association of Fire Fighters’ annual legislative conference in DC, where the crowd chanted, “Run, Joe, run,” as he took the stage. “Be careful what you wish for,” the former vice president added.

In case you needed the reminder, Biden has been teasing out his potential presidential ambitions for a WHILE. Eight times in the last five months, Biden hinted at some sort of impending presidential announcement or decision. [CNN]

The Romans tried to ban wild Purim parties in 408 CE

(JTA) – Every year before Purim, my inbox and social media fill up with dire exhortations from rabbis and yeshivas warning against the dangers of celebratory excess – as if drunkenness on the holiday were something new.

In reality, the after-Purim regrets have been part of the discourse. Rabbis and communal leaders across the religious spectrum have condemned drunken revelry on a holiday dedicated to excess and carousing, noting it often leads to harming life and limb. 

But even before all of that, it turns out that the ancient Romans — who weren’t exactly known for their sobriety — attempted to control wild Purim parties as early as the year 408.

An unusual bit of the Theodosian Code (16.8.18) is apparently the first non-Jewish source to document the phenomenon of Purim parties that get out of hand. Specifically, the law prohibited Jews from burning Haman in effigy. For Jews, the practice of symbolically destroying the notorious villain of the book of Esther.

The Romans weren’t especially discomfited by the idea of vicariously punishing enemies, or even maintaining fire safety. They were, however, concerned that drunken Jewish celebrants might use the opportunity to mock Christians by portraying Haman as a sacrilegious stand-in for Jesus. This is especially true because the favored method of representing Haman’s death in the ancient world wasn’t hanging by the neck – he was crucified on a wooden cross.

It’s not hard to imagine how public Purim execrations of Haman, conducted by an inebriated crowd of Jews, could easily be misperceived by Christian observers, especially if the effigy of Haman is bound to a wooden cross. In fact, only a few years after the law in the Theodosian Code was promulgated, a Church historian named Socrates Scholasticus tendentiously described an event that sounded very much like a drunken Purim celebration gone horribly wrong: In Inmestar, Syria, a group allegedly seized a Christian child, bound him to a cross and scourged him until he died.

Socrates Scholasticus is not especially reliable as a source for Jewish history, but as the historian Elliot Horowitz has demonstrated in his masterful studies of Purim violence, it didn’t take much to convince Christian audiences that Jews were in fact bent on committing acts of horrific violence. the noxious lie of the blood libel continues to plague innocent Jewish communities. It’s too awful to think that it might in some way be connected to misunderstood, misapprehended, “harmless” Purim festivities.

The blood libels were just that. But because the Christian majority was so quick to feel threatened by Jewish revelry, violent or just intemperate, it was better for the Jews’ own sake that they tone it down. [JTA]

Boeing Crash Fallout Spreads as More 737 MAX Jets Are Idled

European aviation regulators broke ranks with their U.S. counterparts and grounded Boeing Co.’s 737 MAX jet, joining Asian and Latin American authorities and airlines that have parked the jet after two deadly crashes of the aircraft in the past five months.

The flurry of groundings deepens a reputational crisis at Boeing, which has maintained the jet is safe to fly after Sunday’s deadly crash in Ethiopia and a crash of another 737 MAX 8 in Indonesia in October. It also threatens to disrupt air travel around the world, though the fleet of MAXs—a plane that was first delivered just two years ago—is still small, giving airlines some flexibility to swap out aircraft. The bulk of the global MAX fleet—numbering just over 370—was idled by midday Tuesday.

Two Turkish Airlines flights headed to the U.K. turned around mid flight after Britain’s regulators barred the jet from its airspace. Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, which operates 737 MAX aircraft on some of its flights to the U.S., has also grounded the jet.

The U.K., France, Germany and Ireland all grounded the aircraft within about an hour of each other. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s counterpart in Europe, later extended those bans to all of the EU.

That followed overnight moves by Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as decisions by China, Indonesia and several carriers in Latin America, to suspend the plane’s operations on Monday. The suspensions marked an unusual departure for foreign regulators, who typically adhere to guidance from the FAA regarding American-built aircraft. [WSJ]
Watch Former Boeing pilot speak on 737-MAX safety

Uber to pay $20 million to settle long-running legal battle with driversSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Uber Technologies Inc has agreed to pay $20 million to settle a lawsuit brought by drivers nearly six years ago, according to court filings, resolving one of its many legal battles with drivers ahead of a hotly anticipated initial public offering this year.

Drivers for the ride-hailing company argued in the lawsuit that they are employees, not independent contractors, as Uber has classified them, and therefore entitled to certain wage protections and reimbursement for their expenses.

The settlement amount is one-fifth of the settlement offer Uber proposed in 2016 to resolve the case, valued at up to $100 million, which U.S. District Judge Edward Chen at the time rejected as inadequate.

The new settlement, which still must be approved by Chen, was filed in federal court in San Francisco late on Monday night. [REUTERS]

3-D-printed homes are coming to the US

3-D printing is going mainstream.

Construction-tech startup Icon says that its new 3-D printer, the Vulcan II, will be able to print a 2,000-square-foot family home in a matter of days, and reduce costs by about 30 percent.

“People will look back on this as something that was a game changer,” HUD secretary Ben Carson said on Thursday during a tour of Icon’s Austin factory.

The 3,800-pound printer, operated by a tablet and needing just a few people to run and supervise it, works by pumping out concrete layer by layer, creating buildings with a distinctive, folded appearance. The nonconcrete elements of the homes will continue to be installed by traditional methods.

The technology faces a number of challenges to widespread adoption. Scaling and shipment of the heavy machinery will be difficult, and the printers will have to function outdoors in rain and wind, hot and cold.[TRD]
Watch it Here

Industry City developers spent millions lobbying for a rezoningMore than $2 million in lobbying wasn’t enough to stop the Industry City rezoning from being delayed.

The waterfront complex is owned by Jamestown, Belvedere Capital and Angelo Gordon, and the companies hired five lobbying firms to work on their rezoning push, according to PincusCo. These were Capalino+Company, 99 Solutions, HR&A Advisors, Yoswein New York and the MirRam Group.

But these efforts were not enough to keep the local community board from requesting a delay in the rezoning process. Industry City CEO Andrew Kimball has agreed to slow things down.

The developers hope to add more than 1 million square feet of new construction to Industry City, along with two hotels with 420 rooms in total, educational space and large-scale retail space. [TRD]

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סגולה לשמירת עינים ולהצלחה להינצל מחטא
וִיהִי רָצוֹן מִלְּפָנֶיךָ ה’ אֱלֹקינוּ וֵאלֹקי אֲבוֹתֵינוּ שֶׁתַּרְגִּילֵנוּ בְּתוֹרָתֶךָ. וְדְבִּקֵינוּ בְּמִצְוׂתֶיךָ. וְאַל תְּבִיאֵנוּ לֹא לִידֵי חֵטְא. וְלֹא לִידֵי עֲבֵרָה וְעָוֹן. וְלֹא לִידֵי נִסָּיוֹן. וְלֹא לִידֵי בִזָּיוֹן. וְאַל יִשְׁלוֹט בָּנוּ יֵצֶר הָרָע. וְהַרְחִיקֵנוּ מֵאָדָם רָע וּמֵחָבֵר רָע. וְדַבְּקֵנוּ בְּיֵצֶר טוֹב וּבְמַעֲשִׂים טוֹבִים. וְכֹף אֶת יִצְרֵנוּ לְהִשְׁתַּעְבֶּד לָךְ.


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